Our Mission
Through a quality educational program which provides a partnership with Christian parents and where the educational process puts the Bible at the center of the curriculum. Eternity Christian School uses the Holy Spirit in all aims and objectives in a student's life, the school’s mission is to teach students wisdom and knowledge to follow the Lord for Eternity.

School K-12th
PreK & Childcare
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Pre-Kindergarten & Childcare/After Care
Fee Schedule:

Enrollment Fee  $45.00 per child

2 months-    $128 weekly
11 months         $60 general fee*

12 months -    $128 weekly
23 months      $100 general fee*

2 year old    $118 weekly
    $100 general fee*

Pre-K 3/4    $113 weekly
   $120 general fee*

Pre- K 4/5    $113 weekly
  $120 general fee*

After-school    $78 weekly
Care (Ages6-13)

Summer Care
Enrollment fee $25.00 per child
Ages 6-12    $78 weekly
field trip fees are additional.

Full day programs include Breakfast
 before 7:45 A.M. and Lunch and two snacks.

Enrollment fee is a non-refundable fee of $45.00 per child and  Summer Care (ages 6-12) $25.00 per child. Tuition scale is based on each child; there are no multiple child discounts. Cash Discount of $3.00 is only accessible on Weekly Cash Payments

All tuition payments are made on each Monday for the current week. Late payments are charged a late fee of $20.00 per week. Tuition must be current for your child to be in attendance.

*The general fee covers the cost of textbooks, accident insurance, teaching supplies, classroom equipment, etc. There may be additional fees not listed and would be incurred as circumstances arise.
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22nd        Monday        First Day of School for Year 2016-2017
5th            Monday          Labor Day Holiday ALL CLOSED
7th Friday             Staff Development Day K-8th CLOSED, DAYCARE OPEN
10th Monday        Columbus Day Holiday K-8th CLOSED, DAYCARE OPEN
10th-11th Thurs./Fri.  Staff Development Day K-8th CLOSED, DAYCARE OPEN
24th-25th Thurs./Fri.  Thanksgiving Holiday ALL CLOSED
19th-Jan. 2nd      Winter Break K-8th CLOSED
23rd Friday       Christmas Eve ALL CLOSED
26th Monday     Christmas Day ALL CLOSED
2nd Monday       New Year's Day ALL CLOSED
3rd Monday       Classes Resume K-8th
13th Friday        Staff Development Day K-8th CLOSED, DAYCARE OPEN
16th Monday      Martin Luther King Holiday K-8th CLOSED, DAYCARE OPEN
20th Monday      President's Day K-8th CLOSED, DAYCARE OPEN
13th-17th           Spring Break K-8th CLOSED, DAYCARE OPEN
14th Friday        Good Friday ALL CLOSED
29th Monday        Memorial Day ALL CLOSED
1st Thursday        Last Day of School for Year 2016-2017
23rd          Weds.  Thanksgiving Holiday K-8th CLOSED, DAYCARE OPEN
17th Monday      Staff Development Day K-8th CLOSED, DAYCARE OPEN